Wave Sisters is the women's ministry of Wave Church and we believe that women are called to be a light in every area of their world. We know that God wants to give every woman the ability to become happy, healthy, confident and complete. This can only happen when we truly discover what God says about us. Come join a group of women who love each other, love life and are passionate about their God!  As we gather for a night of fun and worship as girls at Wave Sisters, we also want to take special time to focus on our community.


Hello Beautiful,

Welcome to the world of Devoted, a conference for women who really believe they are here to make the world a better place. Together.

I love the word together. When it comes to women, there’s not a lot of things we like doing on our own. And honestly I think that’s just how God designed it. The feminine heart does better in community. From sharing ideas, challenges, hopes and dreams, to just navigating everyday life, women thrive when they are connected to healthy, vibrant relationships, and are doing life together.

My hope this year is that we will truly come to understand we’re better together. Each of us is a unique, diverse, gifted and talented individual and yet God’s heart is for us to take our place in the bigger picture of life. To stand beside each other, shoulder to shoulder, cheering, loving, encouraging, celebrating, crying with and walking with each other. His idea is that each of us would play our part in this big life and together bring hope to humanity.

The Bible says in Proverbs 27:17, “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” What a great word picture this is. Imagine if we took that verse and lived it out every day. We would seek to bring one good to this world and, instead of comparing or bringing people down, we would seek to make them better. Wow! Maybe this seems impossible, but what I know for sure is when women gather, when we worship together, and listen to life-applicable teaching, when we laugh and cry together, when we see our neighbor as a friend,  incredible things begin to take place. My hope is that our world will never be the same because we are in it, and we seek to do like with each other, for each other an not against each other.

I pray that you will join us on February 28 – March 2 for what I believe will be a heaven-kissed few days. Please come. Please see this as your very personal invitation and join us. I know Jesus will meet us, because I know we truly are better together.

Very much love,

Sharon and the Devoted Team  xx


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